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How do I add a Resume?
The Web is Different Than Print - It's Better
The Jobs Market is an online employment service for posting resumes we provide to people that live and work in the Phillips County area. It is the part of our Employment Guide that includes employment related businesses and services. The Jobs Market also features local Employer Profiles and current Job Openings.
    » For Phillips County area Non-Members - To Post a Resume
Resumes can be submitted from the site. A Jobs Market Administrator will then review your resume and post it on the site if approved.

Or you can get a Resume Member Publishing account and add, change, and delete resumes without our involvement.

All you have to do is register and check Resumes as an interest. Then post a resume.

Your resume will not be live on the site until we review and approve it. Please be patient. You will be notified by email upon approval.

You will have to wait for the account information in order to change and delete your resume.

You will get an email notice confirming your account's approval.

    » For Members - To Post a Resume
If when you log into your 'My Phillips County' you do not see a My Resumes on the left side of the page, please contact Member Services to setup your Resume Publishing account.

To Post a Resume:
Log into your 'My Phillips County'
Click on 'Add a Resume' under 'My Resumes' on the left side of the page.
You can click 'Add This Resume' to post the changes.

    » Still have questions?
You can contact a Jobs Market Administrator for more information.

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