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Posted Jun 10, 2024
Job Description

JOB DUTIES (This list may not include all of the duties assigned.)

-Selects, trains/orients, and assigns department staff.
-Develops standards of performance, evaluates performance, and initiates or makes recommendations for personnel actions.
-Develops department goals and objectives, and establishes and implements policies and procedures for department operation.
-Develops and recommends department operating budget and ensures that department operates within budget.
-Directs the preparation and maintenance of department reports. Prepares periodic reports for top management, as required.
-Ensures that food preparation areas are maintained in accordance with hospital policy and sanitation standards.
-Establishes policy, plans, and directs the activities of the Food Service Department for patients, employees and visitors to ensure delivery of quality nutrition and food services.
-Provides overall guidance and direction in dietary planning and planning of daily menus including regular and therapeutic diets.
-Oversees the storage and preparation of patients', employees', and visitors' food.
-Oversees the procurement of foods and supplies from vendors and suppliers.
-Coordinates loading, delivery, and pickup of food carts on schedule.
-Directs maintenance of departmental facilities, equipment, supplies, and materials in a condition to promote efficiency, health, comfort, and safety of patients and staff.
-Cooperates with the Finance Department in billing, collecting, charging, reporting, and proper accounting for revenues from the sale of meals and in developing and maintaining adequate safeguards for preventing losses.
-Plans and organizes food services for events being held at outside locations, i.e. employee picnics, holiday parties, etc.
-Enhances professional growth and development through participation in educational programs, current literature, in-service meetings, and workshops.
-Participates in administrative staff meetings, attends other meetings, and serves on committees as required.

Skills Required

Experience: Sufficient previous managerial experience in food service administration
Education: High School or equivalent required Associate or Bachelor's Degree preferred
Req. Cert.: CDM Certification or Equivalent Experience

Job Categories

Job Types(s):   Healthcare, Management / Executive, Restaurant / Food Service

Industry(s):   Healthcare, Restaurant / Food Service

Employment Type:   Employee - Full Time

Job Location(s):   Phillipsburg

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