Phillipsburg High School Honors seniors

Published 05/07/2021

Recipients of the S.T. & Mable Nuttycomb Scholarship

On May 4, Phillipsburg High School held an assembly to present senior awards and announce scholarships. The assembly started with Kim Pakkebier presenting the Forensics and PTV awards followed by Vesta Jo Still with band awards, Julie Peterson-Shea with art awards, Robin Sides with publications awards, Deb Weishaar with FCCLA awards. The awards portion of the assembly then ended with Andy Kenney presenting the KSHSAA Citizenship Awards to Evea Arment and Ty Sides. The following scholarships were presented to the seniors of the class of 2021:

Chamber of Commerce Scholarship- 1st place Annie Weishaar; 2nd place Meg Keeten

The Fred T. and John H. Steffens Scholarship- Zadok Taylor, Nick Schemper, Jacie Roth, Ethan Leidig, Ava Schemper, Collette Kennedy, Ty Sides, Kagan Keeten, Kay Pakkebier, and Meg Keeten

Mel Schremmer Scholarship-Nick Schemper and Ty Sides

Carolyn Hess Memorial Scholarship- Collette Kennedy

Gale Ewing Memorial Scholarship- Abby Roth

Rick Mendoza Memorial Scholarship- Zoey Dinkel

Cole Wenzl Memorial Scholarship- Annie Weishaar

L. Kent Culbertson Memorial Scholarship- Kagan Keeten and Ty Sides

Matt Merklein Memorial Scholarship- Laike Imm

Robert Peters Memorial Scholarship- Abby Roth and Zadok Taylor

KAY Scholarship- Evea Arment, Kagan Keeten, and Collette Kennedy

Velma E. Munyon Scholarship- Ava Schemper and Meredith Jacobs

Rotary Scholarship- Kay Pakkebier

Teacher Association Scholarship- Kay Pakkebier, Annie Weishaar, Evea Arment

PHS Instrumental Music Awards Scholarship- Zoey Dinkel

PHS Student Council Scholarship- Ava Schemper and Ethan Leidig

Carol Faith Cooper Brungardt Memorial- Evea Arment and Kay Pakkebier

PHS Alumni Scholarship- Zadok Taylor, Evea Arment, Nick Schemper

Trent Hoft Memorial Scholarship- Ethan Leidig

BE Chapter of PEO Scholarship- Meg Keeten

National PEO Star Scholarship- Collette Kennedy

Shirley Kats Memorial Scholarship- Kenzie Storz, Collette Kennedy, Meg Keeten

Ronald Wray Johnson Scholarship- Ava Schemper

Nex-Tech Scholarship- Annie Weishaar, Nick Schemper, Kagan Keeten

Dane G. Hansen Scholarship- Abby Roth, Nick Schemper, Kaycee Russell

S.T. and Mabel Nuttycomb Scholarship- Zadok Taylor, Abby Roth, Trey Grismore, Clint Gower, Thomas Bui, Kenzie Storz, Ty Sides, Kay Pakkebier, Kallie Moore, Ethan Leidig, Meg Keeten, Kagan Keeten, Kenlee Ebner, Evea Arment, Jacie Roth, Summer Peak, Laike Imm, Nathaniel Huntley, Collette Kennedy

KU Honor Scholar- Kagan Keeten, Collette Kennedy, Ethan Leidig, Kay Pakkebier, Ty Sides

Dale M. Dennis- Nick Schemper

Governor’s Scholarship- Ty Sides

Academic All-State Scholarship Nominee- Ty Sides

Board of Regent- Kallie Moore and Collette Kennedy