Published 03/09/2022


The Dane G. Hansen Foundation of Logan, Kansas has named 222 high school seniors from 59 Northwest Kansas schools as winners in its 47th annual scholarship competition.

In selecting award winners, the Scholarship Committee considered proficiency in verbal and writing skills. Other important factors are academic records, test scores, and community service in which the student may have participated.

Seven students have won Hansen Leader of Tomorrow scholarships. These awards are for $10,000 and may be renewable for three additional years. Renewal of scholarships is based upon continued regard for the principles, which guided the success of the late Dane G. Hansen, a 3.00 or better GPA at the college level and a letter describing progress towards educational goals. This year’s winners are: Aidan Poore, Concordia H.S., Aleyia Ruder, Hays H.S., Madelyn Seiler, TMP-Marian H.S., Jonathan Temaat, Oakley H.S., Weston Schrader, Minneapolis H.S., Nathan Elmore, Sacred Heart H.S., Lakin Denny, Colby H.S.

Thirty-Five Hansen Scholar winners were selected. The stipend of $6,500 was granted for one year and may be renewable for three additional years. Renewal of scholarships is based upon continued regard for the principles, which guided the success of the late Dane G. Hansen, a 3.00 or better GPA at the college level and a letter describing progress towards educational goals. This year’s winners are: McKenna Poling, St. Francis H.S., Riley McMillan, Concordia H.S., Phillip Shirkey, Concordia H.S., Sarah Fay, Ellsworth H.S. / KAMS, Haley Pfeifer, Ellsworth H.S. / KAMS , Jersey Johnson, Hays H.S., Emry Lundy, Hays H.S., Grace McCord, Hays H.S., Hayli Meier, Hays H.S., Ryan Schuckman, Hays H.S., Julia Meitner, TMP-Marian H.S., Evie Deaton, Quinter H.S., Macey Lamb, Oakley H.S., Owen Eilert, Beloit H.S., Cameron Sadler, Beloit H.S., Phillip Thompson, St. John’s H.S., Casey Weisel, Tipton H.S., Rylan Cline-Hackerott, Osborne H.S., Katrina Fahrenthold, Horizon View Homeschool, August Hulse, Minneapolis H.S., Emilee Cole, Phillipsburg H.S. Isabella Matteucci, Sacred Heart H.S., Katherine Stevens, Cornerstone Classical School, Charles Goldbach, Salina Central H.S., Candace Gomendoza, Salina Central H.S., Benjamin Kraft, Salina Central H.S., Nolan Soukup, Salina Central H.S. Lainey Brown, Salina South H.S., Zachary Davidson, Salina South H.S., Rohan Patel, Salina South H.S., Joel Kejr, SE of Saline H.S., Benjamin Monday, SE of Saline H.S., Hart Nurnberg, SE of Saline H.S, Abigail Schlatter, Smith Center H.S., Caden Brown, Trego Comm. H.S.

The Foundation offered seventy scholarships for Hansen Student winners. These awards are for $4,000 and may be renewed for one additional year provided the student has maintained a satisfactory academic record. This year’s winners are: James Nobert, Clifton-Clyde H.S., Cav Calgren, Concordia H.S., Malachi Carder, Concordia H.S., Isaiah Steffen, Concordia H.S., Bethany Trost, Concordia, Kansas, Joshua Wood, Concordia H.S., Gage Scott, Decatur Comm. H.S., Jacie Fortin, Decatur Comm. H.S., Logan Hayward, Decatur Comm. H.S., George Crawford IV, Ellis H.S., Faith Fondoble, Ellis H.S., Elizabeth Clingan, Hays H.S., Kacy Dinkel, Hays H.S., Kiersten Goertzen, Hays H.S., Wilson Miner, Hays H.S. Dustin Rajewski, Hays H.S., Jocelyn Rigler, Hays H.S., Tayden Shuck, Hays H.S., Samantha Vesper, Hays H.S. Cassidy Wilkie, Hays H.S., Margaret Brull, TMP-Marian H.S., Kali Hagans, TMP-Marian H.S., Nicholas Herrman, TMP-Marian H.S., Lance Lang, TMP-Marian H.S., Mark Rack, TMP-Marian H.S., Andrew Schwartz, TMP-Marian H.S., Rylee Stahl, TMP-Marian H.S., Gavin Selensky, Quinter H.S., Christian Wagner, Rock Hills H.S., Corbin Bockwinkel, Oakley H.S., Kimberlyn Nichols, Beloit H.S., Jackson Rexroat, Beloit H.S., Jeremy Hicks, St. John’s H.S., Maria Mick, St. John’s H.S., Leah Brummer, Tipton H.S., Lilly Beikman, Norton Comm. H.S., Wesley Brooks, Norton Comm. H.S., Connor Engelsman, Norton Comm. H.S., Nataley Schumaker, Norton Comm. H.S., Helen Winters, Bennington H.S., Jacob Brown, Minneapolis H.S. Dylan Cossaart, Minneapolis H.S., Jeremy Ford, Phillipsburg H.S., Theodore Keesee, Phillipsburg H.S., Eric Moon, Phillipsburg H.S., Khloe Carmichael, Pike Valley H.S., Blake Aurand, Republic Co. H.S., Jonathan Dyke, Republic Co. H.S., Andrew Hubert, Republic Co. H.S., Kyron Kraushaar, Plainville H.S., LaAries Winzerling, Russell H.S. Lucas Nutter, Salina Central H.S., Brandon Phanchanlan, Salina Central H.S., Isaac French, Salina Central H.S., Skyla Jost, Salina Central H.S., Iliana Armbrust, Salina South H.S., Mia Dennett, Salina South H.S. , Emma Shulda, Salina South H.S., Morgan Albrecht, SE of Saline H.S., Mallorie Pearson, SE of Saline H.S., Kayleb Qualls, SE of Saline H.S., Meaghan Roths, SE of Saline H.S., Karsyn Schlesener, SE of Saline H.S., Dylan Sprecker, SE of Saline H.S., Madison Albers, Goodland H.S., Leia Fagan, Smith Center H.S., Maggie Peterson, Smith Center H.S., Zachary Griffin, Colby H.S., Cole Feldt, Trego Comm., H.S., Calley Stubbs, Wallace Co. H.S.

For students interested in a Career and Technical Education scholarship, the Foundation offered the following scholarships. These awards are for $4,000 and may be renewed for one additional year provided the student has maintained a satisfactory academic record. Winners of Career and Technical Education scholarships are: Colton Czapanskiy, Clifton-Clyde H.S. Braxton Lawson, Clifton-Clyde H.S.,Beck Brogden, Ellis H.S.,Madison Gottschalk, Ellis H.S.,Michelle Gottschalk, Ellis H.S. Zeke Haag, Ellis H.S., Gannon Winter, Ellis H.S., Cale Younger, Ellis H.S., Riley Alvarez, Hays H.S.,Aidan DeBey, Hays H.S., Ross Eckroat, Hays H.S., Ashlynn Flax, Hays H.S., Andrea Garibay, Hays H.S.,Reece Leiker, Hays H.S., Colton Pfannenstiel, Hays H.S., Estefani Ramirez, Hays H.S., Cooper Shubert, Hays H.S., Trenton Werth, Hays H.S., Sage Zweifel, Hays H.S., Maggie Baalmann, TMP-Marian H.S., Bryce Seib, TMP-Marian H.S., Gavin Unrein, TMP-Marian H.S., Benjamin Housley, Victoria H.S.,Jessica Schroeder, Victoria H.S., Christian Wellbrock, Victoria H.S., Cadence Hansen, Ellsworth H.S., Kaylee Knouf, Quinter H.S., Dominga Perez-Perez, Quinter H.S., Tyrell Chapin, Wheatland H.S., Ryan Heier, Wheatland H.S., Tyra Schultz, Wheatland H.S., Shaelyn McAllister, Hill City H.S., Ayden Nickelson, Hill City H.S., Abigail Scott, Hill City H.S., Daniel McDill, Rock Hills H.S., William Dohe, Sylvan-Lucas H.S., Kaitlyn Homewood, Sylvan-Lucas H.S., Rylee Noyes, Sylvan-Lucas H.S., Lhesa Beougher, Oakley H.S., Destiny Flipse, Oakley H.S., Christian Koch, Oakley H.S., Jackson Pfeifer, Oakley H.S., Caleb Burks, Beloit H.S., Tyler Jones, Beloit H.S., Cameron Konkel, Beloit H.S., Luis Ortega, Beloit H.S., Savannah Rose, Northern Valley H.S., Bailey Sides, Northern Valley H.S., Collin Cox, Norton Comm. H.S., Nolan Juenemann, Norton Comm. H.S., Julie Schindler, Lakeside H.S., Tyler Schoen, Lakeside H.S., Helen Carlin, Osborne H.S., Mason Schurr, Osborne H.S., Gabriel Pasilas, Osborne H.S., Grady Wolters, Osborne H.S., Priscilla Adams, Minneapolis H.S., Mavrik Griffin, Minneapolis H.S., Robert McKain, Minneapolis H.S., Austin Wolff, Minneapolis H.S., Camille Gottschalk, Logan H.S. Anthony Grammon, Logan H.S., Kylor Hogan, Logan H.S., Ty Kats, Logan H.S., Joshua Uhland, Logan H.S., Lincoln Glynn, Phillipsburg H.S., Adrianna Jones-Vanloenen, Phillipsburg H.S., Boston McDonald, Phillipsburg H.S., Ashton Bearley, Rawlins Co. H.S., Julia Blazek, Republic Co. H.S., Dylan McCartney, Republic Co. H.S., Gunnar Sheetz, Republic Co. H.S.,Skyler Skocny, Republic Co. H.S., Carter White, Republic Co. H.S., Kirsten Marcotte, Palco H.S., Conner Stahl, Plainville H.S.,Aricka Bryant, Stockton H.S., Savannah Gray, Stockton H.S., Tyler Moresco, Russell H.S., Cassidy Duerr, Ell-Saline H.S., Alexander Gonzalez, Ell-Saline H.S., Brax Hecker, Ell-Saline H.S., Isaac Wolf, Ell-Saline H.S., Erica Francis, SE of Saline H.S.,Thaliah Lopez, Salina Central H.S., Seth Blase, Salina South H.S., Tyler Lamia, Salina South H.S., Ayden Campbell, Hoxie H.S., Adam Heim, Hoxie H.S., Ashlyn Slipke, Hoxie H.S., Caleb Dechant, Goodland H.S., Asaph Garcia, Goodland H.S., Matthew Lalicker, Goodland H.S., Alia Allen, Smith Center H.S., Aleecia Day, Smith Center H.S., Gracie Enochs, Smith Center H.S., Owen Wagner, Smith Center H.S., Tylynn Blank, Thunder Ridge H.S., Susana Torres-Jovel, Thunder Ridge H.S., Leland McGuire, Thunder Ridge H.S., Jose Cortes, Brewster H.S., Nathan Stramel, Colby H.S., Amie Cheney, Golden Plains H.S., Jovanny Infante, Golden Plains H.S., Britton Knowles, Golden Plains H.S., Carli Nieman, Golden Plains H.S., Ashton Schiltz, Golden Plains H.S., Garrett Kuhn, Trego Comm. H.S., Jacob Willems, Wallace Co. H.S., Dalton Mackley, Weskan H.S.