Logan Trojans finish second at WKLL high school track meet

Published 05/17/2022

Senior Josh Uhland places 2nd in high jump with teammates Kylor Hogan placing 1st and Ty Kats placing 3rd.

Logan Trojan boys' track team finished second, and the Lady Trojan’s place third at WKLL high school track meet.

Despite the stormy weather Thursday, the Western Kansas Liberty League completed they league competition. The High School Trojan boys placed 2nd with many personal bests being set. Sam Pinkerton placed 1st in the 1600 with Cameron Morgan finishing 4th.

In the throwing events, Hayden Gottstine placed 4th in the Shot Put and Alonzo Ortiz was 5th in the Discus. Dylan VanLaeys finished 2nd in the Discus and 1st in the Javelin.

The jumpers placing at WKLL were Kylor Hogan 1st in high jump with Josh Uhland 2nd and Ty Kats placing 3rd. Kylor also placed 2nd in Triple Jump while Dylan VanLaeys took 1st. Kaden Graham placed 5th in Long Jump.

The HS Lady Trojans held their own at the Western Kansas Liberty League meet. In the field events, Hailey McClurg placed 5th in the Long Jump and High Jump and Abigail Graham placed 3rd in Triple Jump. Ansley Delimont placed 3rd in the Javelin, Rylee Delimont placed 5th in Discus and 6th in Discus.

Camille Gottschalk placed 4th in Javelin and Discus and Mara Kats placed 1st in Shot put.

Running events started off with Kaitlyn Alexander placing 2nd in the 100 meters, 3rd in the 200 meters and 3rd in the 300 Hurdles. Other hurdlers placing include Cydnee Rider 2nd in the 300 Hurdlers and Hailey McClurg 3rd in the 100 Hurdles.