Phillipsburg Tennis finishes sixth at Hoisington

Published 04/28/2023


On Thursday, April 27, the tennis team traveled to Hoisington where they finished in sixth place.

Individual Results:

#1 singles: Layton Wyatt, 5th place

W. Jacob Togerson (Ellsworth) 8-6

L. Brendyn Schroeder (Great Bend) 2-8

L. Cezanne Pierce (Haven) 1-8

W Konner Smith (Cimarron) 8-5

#1 doubles: Jaidon Allen/Carsen Meitl, 7th place

L Anderson/Bourbon (Ellsworth) 0-8

W. Deines/Harbough (Great Bend) 8-7 (10)

L Peteron/Boice (Haven) 4-8

W. Strandberg/Thurman (Hoisington) 8-2

#2 singles: Nathan Fischer, 3rd place

W. Caleb Romero (Ellsworth) 8-1

W. Aaron Rameriez (Great Bend) 8-4

L. Grant Richey (Haven) 6-8

W. Maddox Zimmerman (Hays) 8-3

#2 doubles: William Jessup/Cash Roth, 7th place

L. Halbgewachs/Conley (Ellsworth) 3-8

L. Manning/Parks (great Bend) 6-8

L. Percy/Debord (Haven) 3-8

W. Woydziak/Howard (Hoisington) 8-4

Extra Entry

#2 singles: Colton Ewing, #2 singles, 6th place

L. Maddox Zimmerman (Hays) 2-8

W. Joshua Manning (Great Bend) 8-2