Logan High School music students bring home multiple one ratings

By: Shannon Kats
| Published 05/01/2023

Kendra Alexander, Kylee Uhland, Hailey McClurg and Kaitlyn Alexander with the director Mr. Paul Prewo.

On Saturday, April 29th, the Logan High School music students traveled to Hesston College for 1A KSHSAA State Music Contest. All students have worked really hard and had some special help from Mr. Matt Rome from Hays High School. All students performed their ensemble or solo in the morning and then they headed home. Here are the following results:

Kylee Uhland - Vocal Solo: II

Hailey McClurg - Flute Solo: I

Kendra Alexander - Flute Solo: II (Special thanks to Mrs. Paulette Wildeman for driving all the way down to Hesston on this day to accompany Kendra. They went through it a couple of times before performing it at State.)

Flute Trio of Hailey McClurg, Kendra Alexander, & Kylee Uhland: I

Mixed Ensemble of Hailey McClurg, Kendra Alexander, Kylee Uhland, & Kaitlyn Alexander: I

All I’s at State receive medals and not sure when the last time that Logan High School brought home this much hardware. Mr. Prewo is SUPER appreciative of all of these students and how hard they have worked for this weekend. Thanks ladies!