Museum News (May 13, 2024)

Published 05/13/2024

The Visitor by Jennifer Alise Hudson is a lovely hand-cut layered paper portrait of a Red-tailed Hawk on view in the Hansen Museum’s exhibition Art and the Animal.

On display in the Hansen Museum galley is Art and the Animal, the 63rd Annual Members Exhibition of the Society of Animal Artists (SAA). The SAA is an elite organization of world-renowned animal artist. Currently, the SAA has over 500 members residing in 25 countries. Each year these members compete to have their work included in an annual exhibition. This exhibition contains all manner of mediums and some unique ones such as papercut and scratchboard art. It is truly a world-class exhibition that is only available for viewing in Kansas at the Hansen Museum. Art and the Animalwill review on display through May 26th.

Melted wax, pigment, paint brushes, sculpting tools, heat guns, and imagination are the tools needed (all, but the imagination will be supplied) for the Hansen Museum’s Encaustic Painting class scheduled for Wednesday, May 22nd. Rebel Mahieu, an art instructor at Colby Community College, will teach attendees the basics of encaustic painting. Invented by the Greeks who began caulking the hulls of their ships with wax, encaustic painting incidentally morphed into art. When colored pigment was added to the wax, the Greeks started decorating their war ships which gave rise to artists creating “paintings” with pigmented wax.

An interesting medium, encaustic painting opens doors for all types and levels of creatives. More viscous than paint, the melted wax does not lend itself naturally to perfection, taking away the notion of producing a true representational work which can be quite freeing to a beginner. In addition, multiple tools are employed, opening the doors even wider. One does not have to be a painter to produce a quality work of art in this untethered medium. Class size is limited so call to register soon!

In celebration of spring and the upcoming growing season, Laurie Albin will hold a two-day watercolor painting workshop in the Hansen Museum Community Room Friday and Saturday, May 24th & 25th. Laurie will guide participants through techniques like bokeh, washes, working wet in wet, and wet on dry, lifting out and masking for highlights, and a multitude of other techniques to achieve various textural effects. Skillfully, Laurie will aid painters through the necessary balancing act of freedom and control in this fluid medium. Interested in attending, contact the Museum at 785-689-4846 to reserve your spot today.

May’s Artist of the Month is Jean Newlin from Marysville, Kansas. Jean, a trained jeweler, makes the most incredible silver, nickel, and copper jewelry. Some pieces include stones while others are simply elegant and focus on the beauty of the medal. Hand forged, no two pieces are alike—one can truly buy a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Jean’s work will be on display and available for sale throughout the month of May.

The Museum is open Mon. through Fri. 9-12 and 1-4; Sat. 9-12 & 1-5; Sun. and holidays 1-5. We are closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. We are handicapped accessible, and admission is always free thanks to the generous support of the Dane G. Hansen Foundation. For more information or if you have questions, please contact us at 785-689-4846. We hope to see you at the Museum!